Touring Holidays – See It All In Comfort

See more in one holiday
Over the years, getting a deeper understanding for the destination we visit has become more and more important; meeting the locals, seeing the historic sights and picturesque scenery are all things that are becoming more important on the priority list. Whilst we all love some relaxation time, holidays are now often about far more than that – immersing into the destination and culture around us. We love exploring on holiday and want you to as much as we do! So, take a look below at some of the top reasons for taking a tour for your next holiday, as well as two of our top touring destinations.

Rather than visit one place on holiday, on a tour you can see three, four, five (or more) different cities, towns and rural villages.And what’s more, you’ll have an expert with you to tell you everything you need to know – so not only will you get taken to the best spots, you’ll also get the insider knowledge and any tips about where the locals go. You won’t miss a thing!

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Movenpick, Marrakech, Morocco

I don’t have a bucket list (and shouldn’t it be wish list anyways, ‘bucket’ implies something nasty lurking deep within it), but if I did then Morocco, or more specifically Marrakech, would be floating somewhere near the top. And thanks to Cyplon Holidays an opportunity to visit this fascinating city of sights, sounds and smells was presented recently.

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Historic Cities of the UK

Stay with Hoseasons and Discover a nearby historic city for your next UK break.

Dotted across the British Isles are exciting cities steeped in art, history and culture. Whether you’re looking to explore the stunning architecture, discover a hidden historic gem or simply soak up the sights and sounds of somewhere new, there’s a wide range of days out and places to visit across our UK cities.
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Travels through Japan

I already knew I was going to like Japan before I went.

I read, listened to and watched works both originating from and influenced by the country and local culture, and the technological great leaps forward always fascinated.

But nothing prepared me for quite how much I would like Japan, and after two visits how much more there is I wish to see – I must go back (again).
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A Surprisingly Enjoyable Trip to Jersey!

Not so long ago, when our summer holiday destination of choice was being discussed and I was informed Jersey had been decided upon, my immediate reaction was … but I’m not old enough!

How misinformed I was about this beautiful, peaceful and interesting location in the English Channel – and maybe others are missing out on this gem too.
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