Florida – The Sunshine State

We all have a favourite place to visit or a destination that we can’t get enough of and mine hands down has to be Florida. In the last few years I have visited 3 times and I am currently in the process of planning trip number 4 for October 2018. There is so much to see and do I never feel bored of the place and I guess my love for all things Disney does help.
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Travels through Japan

I already knew I was going to like Japan before I went.

I read, listened to and watched works both originating from and influenced by the country and local culture, and the technological great leaps forward always fascinated.

But nothing prepared me for quite how much I would like Japan, and after two visits how much more there is I wish to see – I must go back (again).
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A Surprisingly Enjoyable Trip to Jersey!

Not so long ago, when our summer holiday destination of choice was being discussed and I was informed Jersey had been decided upon, my immediate reaction was … but I’m not old enough!

How misinformed I was about this beautiful, peaceful and interesting location in the English Channel – and maybe others are missing out on this gem too.
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The magic of theatre

Which theatre break? I love going to the theatre and have been lucky enough to see quite a few shows over the past few years. Out of the many shows there are I really think there is something for everyone. Whilst chatting in the office we tried to choose our favourites it seems like an impossible task, but I have given it a go.
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My heart belongs to Malaga

I had never really considered Malaga as a city break destination having thought like many people that there was nothing more exciting there than the gateway airport to the Costa Del Sol.  However it has recently been voted one of the best cities in Europe,  So when given the opportunity to visit the city for the weekend with Jet2 holidays I was intrigued.
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